...Photographer's history

Rolf Bouman was born in 1966 in Germany and completed in Germany two trades as a licensed farmer and a licensed auto mechanic. In the late 80's he immigrated to Canada and started working as a labourer, welder, pulp cutter, tree planter and interpreter for Real Estates brokers, Immigration Canada and various law firms. In the subsequent years he founded the first of his companies called Canadian Pioneer Estates Ltd. and became self-employed as a Real Estate waterfront developer with a focus on the Canadian East Coast, especially Nova Scotia, Cape Breton Island. This is also where most of the photographs on this website originated. In the following years Mr. Bouman also took over an additional consulting company. In 2002 he started the Canada Cultural Center in Aulds Cove which forms partnerships between Canadian artists and international artists. It is the long-term-goal of the Canada Cultural Center to promote Canadian culture and art internationally and for this purpose the Canada Cultural Center has formed many partnerships. Lately Mr. Bouman incorporated another publishing company called (Ad)venture Canada Publishing Inc. which is focusing on business ventures and Canadian art, history and culture.

Rolf Bouman